Side Dishes

Loaded Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower is a wonderful alternative to traditional mashed potatoes, and when you load it up with cheese, bacon, and scallions…what’s not to love?  In this recipe, I bumped up the flavor even further by adding chive and onion cream cheese to the cauliflower. In my opinion, a perfect side dish.  Give it a try!


¼ cup grated cheddar cheese
3 tbsp. crumbled bacon
2 tbsp. scallions
1 head cauliflower, cut into florets
1 clove garlic
¼ cup chive and onion flavored cream cheese
1 tbsp butter
Salt and pepper

Step 1: Boil a large pot of water and add some salt (about a tablespoon).  Crush garlic slightly and remove skin.  Transfer the cauliflower and garlic to the pot and boil until tender, about 9-10 minutes.

Step 2: Drain cauliflower completely (including garlic) and pat dry with paper towels.  Put in a blender or food processor with the lid open and let sit for 5 minutes to allow steam to escape.

Step 3: Add the cream cheese, butter, ¼ tsp. salt, and ¼ tsp. pepper.  Pulse until smooth and combined.  Transfer to a bowl or a small casserole dish.  Top with cheddar, bacon, and scallions.


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