Elmo Cupcakes

This was another attempt at me being creative. I am generally not an artsy person, but these cupcakes were so easy that even I could pull them off! All you need is red icing, Oreos, orange jelly beans, and some edible googly eyes. You can make your own red icing by adding some red food coloring to a buttercream recipe, but I find that for the amount of red food coloring that I would need to add to get an “Elmo” color, I might as well just buy the ready-made stuff. Some advantages to the store-bought: 1- It usually comes with it’s own decorating tips, 2- Young children generally don’t taste the difference between the homemade stuff and the store-bought, and 3- The red is just the right brightness for Elmo. But of course, it’s your call.


These will be a hit at any party with Elmo lovers!





12 cupcakes, unfrosted (I usually use the chocolate cupcake recipe from my blog…soooo delicious!)

1 tube red icing with star decorating tip (Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing is one that comes with the tips, other varieties have tips sold separately…your call)

24 edible googly eyes (sold on Amazon, but party stores and even some grocery stores will might have them)

12 orange jelly beans

6 Oreos, cut in half


*If you are using a homemade red frosting, you will also need a pastry bag and a star decorating tip.





1. Using the star tip, pipe little stars covering the top of the cupcake (check out the picture if this is confusing).

2. Lay two googly eyes close together at the top of the cupcake. Place an orange jelly bean nose below that, then use the Oreo half as a smiling mouth.




Thank was easy!


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